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Piercing FAQs - Find the Answers to Your Piercing Questions! - Knowledgebase / Piercing - Blue Banana Helpdesk

Piercing FAQs - Find the Answers to Your Piercing Questions!

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  • Do I need to book for a piercing?

No. Our stores operate a walk-in system so no booking is needed.   We do not have a booking system for piercings. It works on a first-come, first-serve basis. When you visit the store, a member of the team will book you in. If it is busy then you may be asked to wait and come back later.

If you have any questions about piercings then please contact the store directly as we are not best placed to give piercing advice or answer queries. If you ask us about anything piercing-related we will refer you to the store.

For store contact information please go here.

  • Do you have a question about Piercings? – Find the answers here…

If you have a question about piercings that cannot be found in our piercing section then please direct them to the nearest Blue Banana Store. Please note that our Customer Service team are not trained piercers so cannot advise on anything piercing-related. If you submit a piercing question then please know that our team with direct you toward the store contact information.

If you are looking to contact one of our stores, please find all contact information here.

  • Can I see your Piercing Prices?

For Piercing Prices go here.

  • How old do you have to be for a piercing?

For Piercing Age Restrictions go here.

  • Are piercings performed with needles or guns? 

                We only pierce with needles.

  • Do you pierce with rings? 

                No, we do not pierce with rings.

  • Is jewellery included in the piercing price?

                Please contact the store directly for any piercing questions.

  • Are you running any piercing offers?

Please see the store's social pages for up-to-date piecing offers.

  • What IDs are acceptable for age-restricted piercings?

                To see what IDs are accepted then please visit our piercing information page. You must bring the physical form of ID with you to the appointment.  If a parent or guardian needs to give parental consent they must accompany you to the store and be present at the time of the piercing.

  • What is the youngest age you pierce? 

View our piercing ages here.

  • How long should my piercing take to heal? 

You can find out how long your piercing takes to heal by selecting the type of piercing in our piercing section drop-down menu.

  • What size was I pierced with?

Your piercer should tell you which sized jewellery you are going to be pierced with before or after the procedure. If not then please see your piercing information form emailed to you after your visit. This email will include a PDF of your piercing visit receipt where you will find the gauge and size of the jewellery you were pierced with. If you do not have this email then please contact the store directly.

  • I want to make a complaint about my Piercing.

If you are unhappy about your piercing experience and you wish to make a complaint then please speak to the store manager of the location you visited. Please see the contact details here.

You are also welcome to send your details and information to

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